Recent Projects

The Pacific Electric Lofts

A project we were excited to take on… Renovating the historic Los Angeles “high-rise” building that was completed in 1905. Converting it from a railway station and offices into luxury apartment lofts was a challenge we were up to.

A lot of the building’s aesthetics were kept and the style of modern steel construction was melded into the design renovation. It was a great change of pace to showcase some of the talent we have in providing functional design into structural elements.

Coil Tubing Unit

This is a custom built unit that saves our customers time and money on crew and equipment. It reduces the time and cost on rigging up and down by negating the need for a secondary crane to position the injection head over the well.

Drivable Pump

Our pumps are used for a variety of applications and various fluids. Water, oil, acid, mud, cement… Depending on what the situation calls for, our pumps can be relied on to deliver.

Tool Trucks

Our custom designed and built Tool Trucks carry all the tools and supplies necessary for the daily operations of an oil rig. They carry everything from hand tools to spare parts. There are custom compartments for tongs, rod tongs, and elevators. They also come equipped with a crane to load and unload equipment. With our water-proof document and laptop storage box, these trucks can also act as a mobile offices.